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Guns For Sale in Pakistan

Elahee Buksh arms and ammunition is the name of quality and trust among arms dealers in Karachi and across Pakistan. We offer a variety of guns in Pakistan and various categories of ammunition and arms.

Gun lovers in Pakistan consider Elahee Buksh as the best arms shop in Karachi

Guns in Pakistan

Elahee Buksh offers a range of styles and brands to gun lovers of Pakistan. Guns serve the purpose of security and style to the owner that is the reason Elahee Buksh has the most trusted brand for their firepower and style. 


Shot Guns


Pistols For Sale In Pakistan

Pistols are among the most used guns in Pakistan. Elahee Buksh offers a variety of different pistol brands like:

  • Canik
  • Glock
  • Taurus


Canik is considered to be among the best pistol brands in the world. Its quality and style are second to none. Only a few gun dealers in Pakistan offer Canik.

Elahee Buksh offers a range of Canik for you. We offer Canik products like:

  • Canik TP9 elite combat
  • Canik SFX
  • Canik TP9 1 
  • Canik C100
  • Canik Sub elite 


Glock is an Austrian weapon manufacturer that produces state-of-the-art pistols. Glock is among the most loved guns in Pakistan. Glock is popular for its sleek looks, strong body, and high firing power. Some popular Glock pistols that we offer include:


  • Glock 19Gen5 USA

  • Glock 26 gen 5 USA

  • Glock 19 Gen 5 Austria



Taurus is an American manufacturer that produces the best pistols in the world. Only a few gun shops in Karachi deal in Taurus. This pistol is popular because of its structure and stability which give strength to the firing power. Following are some Taurus products that we offer:

  • Taurus TH9C

  • TaurusG3 

  • Taurus917 

  • Taurus247/G2


Besides the popular brands, Elahee Buksh deals in a variety of other pistols that are brilliant in terms of style, stability, and firepower. Following are the pistols we have:

  • China CF98 
  • Cz Duty 
  • FSX9
  • Ziganapx9
  • StoegerSTR9

Considering the demand for guns in Karachi, we are expanding our range of pistols with different variants and styles.


Elahee Buksh deals in different types of shotguns in Karachi. Depending upon your budget we can offer you multiple options with different styles and compatibility. Not every gun shop in Karachi offers as much variety of shotguns as we did.

We offer:

  • Hatsan Turkey 
  • Baikal over-under 
  • Mossberg USA 
  • Jaguar turkey 
  • Tomahawk turkey 
  • Volcanic turkey  

Above are some very popular shotguns that only a few shotguns dealers in Pakistan have. These shotguns are popular for their firepower and strength. For shotgun lovers, these guns are the safest to use and lethal in action.


Rifles are also the most demanded arms in Pakistan. Ranging from the tactical need to haunting, Elahee Buksh offers a variety of rifles with different styles and features. We offer multiple brands, which most arms dealers in Karachi did not.

Elahee Buksh deals in the following rifles in Pakistan:

  • Taurus T4 

  • ISSC Austria

  • Adler Italy.   

Rifles are very unique and scarce in Pakistan. Because of the formalities and government obligations. Still, very few gun dealers in Pakistan deal in rifles, especially the rifles Ellahee Buksh offers.


Other than pistols, shotguns, and rifles, Elahee Buksh offers a range of rounds and ammunition. We deal in:

  • Pistol rounds
  • Shotgun rounds
  • Rifles round

Pistol Rounds:

We offer the following pistol rounds. These ammunition are specially designed for all types of pistols.

  • China 9mm
  • China.30
  • Seller n Beller 9mm
  • 32,357 mag
  • 38 special

These rounds are manufactured by top ammunition brands like Seller n Beller. You may not find all of these from one gun shop in Karachi.


Shotgun Rounds:

Elahee Buksh offers a range of shotgun rounds in Pakistan. We offer ammunition approved by international standards and safety protocols, We offer:

12 4,6,8,Starling 
Turkey12 4,6,8 


Rifle Rounds:

Not every gun shop in Karachi deals in rifle rounds. Elahee Buksh offers a range of quality rifles and ammunition. We offer:

  • Seller n Beller 7mm
  • 270,.22,.22 Hornet

Hornet and Seller n Beller are top brands manufacturing rounds and ammunition.