Elahee Buksh & Co Which is the parent entity of Elahee Buksh Group was established in 1835. The company is now more than 170 years old and is proud to be the oldest name in the business of arms, ammunition and military stores this name soon become synonymous with quality and service and the start of manufacturing division was the next big significant event. The company began producing some of the best sporting ammunition available in the subcontinent. The ammunition and military supply trade grew and the company become preferred suppliers to the government of the day.

 Post-independence, the group acquired Hilal Steel Industries which was considered one of the best pipe manufacturing mills of Pakistan.

In the 1970's, the market conditions offered the opportunity for further diversification and the group entered into construction and real-estate development. Prime locations in the city were given well-designed residential and commercial buildings which became benchmarks for the industry. The Group continued to excel in this field and completed the best commercial project of the country under the name "The Forum" which is state of the art landmark of construction industry. Being the most prestigious business address of Karachi, the majority of the occupants of "The Forum" are multinationals and homegrown blue chips.

In addition to these businesses the group is engaged in a countrywide programmed which involves the creation of a chain of supermarkets / department stores. The first flagship store "EBCO" was launched in April 2005. In hospitality business the group is successfully running "Time Out" - a cafe at The Forum and "Rendezvous" in Rawalpindi.

The policy and practice of the group is driven forward on the principles of ethical business, corporate responsibility and to continuously move forward by our ancestral values ensuring optimum quality in every aspect of our business activity.



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